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Emerson BMS

Hey! This document has been prepared to make BMS setup and use easier.


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    You'll need to locate the product, you can do so via this link.
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    Once you have got the product, and inserted it into your game, you will see this
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    Open up System, and then controllers. Open up a controller, and you'll find the settings script, ignore that for the moment and open up the Passwords script. Here you can set a webhook for webhook logging and set the passcodes. This script is secure, so anything in this script will be hidden. You should make sure you proxy your webhook (hyra)
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    Now, Open the controller settings and configure the stuff you want too. Once you've done that you can clone all the controllers and place them where you want.
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    Open the main settings, here you can set music, screens, lights and functions. This is the most complex.
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    View the individual sections for help with this.


-- Lighting Settings --
["LIGHTING_SYSTEM"] = "liteLeaF", -- LiteLeaf, AdvancedLight or None
["LIGHTING_LOCATION"] = workspace["Emerson LiteLeaf"],
Choose your lighting system, its not case sensitive so then type it in.
Afterwards set the lighting location, which is usually workspace.lightingsystemname.

Advertisement Screens

-- VideoLink/ScreenCloud Settings --
["ADVERTISEMENT_SYSTEM"] = "None", -- Choose between ScreenCloud or VideoLink
["ADVERTISEMENT_LOCATION"] = workspace, -- Set to the folder of the product.
["ADVERTISEMENT_ALERT_MESSAGE"] = {Title = "Welcome!",Contents = "Welcome to Emerson BMS Testing game."},
Choose your advert system, its not case sensitive so then type it in.
Then set the location of the folder, like shown in the demo.
And then set the message button, which is on the controller UI

Group Statistics

If you want group stats, just put your group id in the Group ID value.

Doors (DWProx Range)

Our BMS system only supports Roblox's #1 Access control system, DWProx.
DWProx has a range of doors, Paxton, Normal, AutoPro, Door Pro and Turnstiles
Each one has a respective folder in the BMS. Place your door models in the respective folder. And name the door model the location of the door, or office owners name for example. This will then show up on the BMS
You can make custom doors, and run them on the DWProx engine to make them compatible with BMS.


We support Cobalt+ lifts due to its large clientele. Similar to doors, you drag and drop them into the lifts folder. You can also name them for identification.

BMS Music

BMS has a synced speaker system, with this you need to duplicate speakers and place them around your building. If you open the speaker you'll find a SoundPart which is where the audio is loaded. You can create your own speakers, as long as you don't resize or rename the sound part.
The rest is self explanatory. Do not resize or rename as it will cause sync issues and other playback issues.

Music Main Config

To use music on BMS, you need 2 or more music ids, please note they must be uploaded by you, roblox or you must be whitelisted to use the audio (read more here)

Trello Music Mode (1)

We use trello for easy music management, to get your trello id look in the url bar and you will see something like the image below.
URL Bar on trello board
Set the title of your list to the same in your configuration script.
Make sure the trello board is PUBLIC otherwise it will not work. And also ensure roblox has HTTP requests enabled.
Each card should be the roblox asset uri, for example rbxassetid://123456789, you then set the card description to the pitch you want it played at. We recommend using comments to make sure you know what the song is. Ensure the mode on the configuration script is set to 1.

Table Music Mode (2)

If using the table, paste the IDs in the table. Then set the pitches inline with the IDs and set the music mode to 2


Open a ticket in our discord server for help or any questions.