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Emerson LiteLeaf²

Hey! This document has been prepared to make LiteLeaf² setup and use easier.
This manual contains information for setup, api and customisation.


  1. 1.
    Firstly, find or get the model for the Emerson LiteLeaf system and insert it in the game, you can do this via this link.
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    Once you insert it via the toolbox into your game, you should find this (image below)
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    To rank lock, open the settings script shown. Then set 'Lock' to true and put your group ID in, and the minimum rank that can control light switches.
  4. 4.
    In the settings script you can also find more in depth settings, for example tween changes and stuff which can be experimented with.


Our system uses a folder system, 0 shouldn't contain any lights, but if you put a switch in here that will allow you to control all zones.
Duplicating the Zone folder will allow you to have multiple zones, for example each room etc which will allow you to have switches and lights. This is also very important when you are using the api.
In the properties UI you will be able to set each zone to be enabled when the game starts.


You can make a custom light fixture

Using the API

To use the API you would fire the api like this:
script.Parent:Fire(zone, command)
Where 'zone' is just put what zones you want this to affect, and 'command' put "LightOn" or "LightOff".
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